New owners revamp Klondike Kate’s

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The new owners of this Main Street classic updated the menu and the decorations but they’re not changing what makes Kate’s, Kate’s.


In November, Gilda and Gianmarco Martuscelli, the owners of the Chesapeake Inn, took over Klondike Kate’s, giving the Main Street classic a facelift.

The most notable changes are that the restaurant no longer holds a Thursday “pitcher night” with discounted drinks and the addition of sushi to the menu. Gianmarco Martuscelli said other locations on Main Street already offer a pitcher night and there is not a place on Main Street that serves sushi right now.

“We didn’t want to have the same type of thing so we changed it up a little bit,” Gianmarco Martuscelli said.

Gilda Martuscelli said she understands why people might not want to order sushi in a pub atmosphere like Kate’s.

“We know that when you think Kate’s, people think burgers, fries, nachos, wings. So it’s like, ‘sushi?’” Gilda Martuscelli said. “We understand why people would be hesitant…but they have to try it.”

The restaurant brings in sushi chefs from Sushi Sumo on Kirkwood Highway to make fresh, legitimate sushi in-house.

Senior Kendall Cresci said that Kate’s made the right decision to take away pitcher night.

“Pitcher night was mainly at Catherine Rooney’s, and Kate’s would charge more for a massive pitcher that was impossible to drink, so no one would really buy them,” Cresci said. “The move is to go to Rooney’s for pitcher night, then run to Kate’s before the line starts and dance all night.”

Gianmarco Martuscelli said to add variety, they are also adding acoustic music downstairs Tuesday through Sunday and have consolidated the menu to make it more functional for busy crowds, create less waste and improve the overall quality.

The menu changes will add efficiency and reduce wait times for customers waiting for food. Gianmarco Martuscelli said the drink menu hasn’t changed much except for a few more craft beers, new specials and getting rid of their pitcher special called “monkey barrels.”

Gianmarco Martuscelli also added new decorations to the upstairs including posters that the manager had made to go along with an “old school” theme for the restaurant.

“I’m digging the new changes they’ve made,” Cresci said. “I like the new design of the upstairs a lot. Their new aesthetic is like an old time bar, just modernized.”

Later in the semester, Kate’s will start giving out graduation shirts for the class of 2017, which they have done in the past. However, instead of just giving the shirts away one time during the semester, they will be giving 50 shirts away every Thursday. Then at the end of the semester there will be a senior send-off party and anyone wearing a shirt will be eligible to win tickets to Firefly Music Festival.

In a few weeks Kate’s will also start selling a new specialty cup that will have the university’s logo on it. If people buy the drink special they will be able to take the cup with them. Gianmarco Martuscelli said it’s a souvenir cup for students and alumni to remember where they went to school and the place they hung out at. The cups are dishwasher safe and “great for beer pong or flip cup or whatever. Our staff likes them.”

“We didn’t want to change what Kate’s is known for,” Gianmarco Martuscelli said. “I’ve been here since November and if I had a dollar for every time someone told me not to change the nachos, I’d be rich and retired by now. We’re not changing a lot. We’re just trying to make it cleaner and nicer.”

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