Mosaic Guide: How to set up UD email on the iPhone

Linking your university email to your iPhone

1. Open your udel email account on the UD network using a computer. Click the wheel in the top right corner and then click settings.

2. Click on the heading “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.” Next to IMAP Access (on the left) there are two options under Status. Select enable IMAP.

3. In another window on your computer, go to and sign in with your UDelNet ID and password.

4. Under “Maintaining your UDelNet Account” click on “obtain or change your password for IMAP or iCal” and select “always send your UDelNet ID password to Google”

5. Click save changes, but do not quit out of the page. You may need it later.

6. On your iPhone go to settings > Mail > Add new account. You can now use Gmail and do not need to use the “other” email type.

7. Fill out your information, using your UDel account and password

8. For some students, this still may not work because the university has changed the requirement for passwords so they now must be longer and have more varied characters. Since older passwords don’t fill new requirements, the gmail server will not recognize it and you will have to change your password and repeat the steps using your new account information.


This guide was originally published in the Oct. 17, 2012 print edition under the headline, “Mosaic Guide: How to set up UD email on the iPhone”

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