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Abbey Road is, undeniably, one of London’s most Instagrammable sights.

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What has been two weeks feels like an eternity. But in a good way.

Normally, semesters go by in a flash, and I was worried that this study abroad would be the same, but I am continuously surprised by how slow time is going.

This may be due to the fact that I somehow fit a week’s worth of activities in one day almost every day. Being in another country makes you feel guilty about just sitting around and doing nothing. I’m only in London for two and a half more weeks, and I would be doing myself a disservice if I maintained my normal routine of Netflix viewing.

However, I have learned that there needs to be a balance. Halfway through the week, I began to feel extremely run-down and sick, which can only be explained by the fact that I haven’t stopped doing things since I got here. My body is used to my routine of sometimes laying down all day, and I think I shocked my system a little bit.

Despite the slight bout of sickness and jam-packed schedule, I saw more amazing plays and discovered even more of London.

I’m happy to say that this week’s grouping of plays was much more enjoyable than last week’s. To begin, I saw Agatha Christie’s “Mousetrap” on my own dime. It is the longest-running play in London and rightly so.

The next play we saw was “The Cane,” a new play by Mark Ravenhill. It was a play all about caning in English schools and how it was phased out of practice. It was extremely interesting to watch and my favorite play so far. I think it’s safe to say many people my age have never experienced that type of discipline in their school, and it was hard to even imagine.

The final play I saw this week was William Shakespeare’s “Timon of Athens.” The added benefit was that our class traveled to Stratford-upon-Avon to explore Shakespeare’s birthplace and the church where he is buried. The day concluded with seeing a modern rendition of “Timon of Athens” in the Swan Theatre.

My friends and I filled the other gaps in the week when we weren’t doing activities for school with more “touristy” activities. This included going to Kensington Palace, the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Notting Hill, Tower Bridge, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters from Harry Potter and Abbey Road.

Certain spots were way more worth seeing than others. The changing of the guards was a miserable experience. It was very early on a Sunday morning, it was cold and I could not see a thing.

One place I was surprised I would enjoy seeing so much was Abbey Road. Granted, it was just a crosswalk on a normal road that cars drive on, but come on — it’s The Beatles. We also saw the legendary Abbey Road Studios, which is where The Beatles recorded a lot of their music along with other bands, such as Pink Floyd. I discovered how big of a Beatles fan I was in that moment.

Doing so much in such little time causes the days to start to blend. I can honestly say I have not had a bad day yet, and I am hoping to keep that streak into the third week.

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