A Paige out of Hanna’s Book

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Hanna Paige is a talented and accomplished local pop folk artist and a music major at UD.

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It was a brisk winter night on Feb. 9, the Saturday before the start of the university’s spring semester. The air at Klondike Kate’s, on Main Street, was full of music and cheer as both university students and Newark locals celebrated the end of an unusually long winter session.

However, this was no usual night of chronically overplayed pop hits being regurgitated by the radio for drunk patrons to sing out of tune and off key. On this night, patrons were captivated by the soothing melody of local award-winning singer-songwriter Hanna Paige.

Paige is a talented and accomplished pop-folk artist and a music major, with a concentration in music management, at the university. She has practiced daily since Christmas Day of 2012, when her parents first gave her an acoustic guitar.

From that fateful moment onward, Paige has honed her skills from those of a novice to a skillful performer who has taken home not one, but two, first-place awards from the Delaware State Fair’s talent show in 2015 and 2016.

Despite her success, she admits that performing continues to be a nerve-racking experience.

“I’m shy,” Paige says. “Having the courage to get up there and perform makes me feel good.”

The biggest motivation for Paige to make music is her life experience. Her original song “Yesterday,” for instance, tells the story of an emotional transition from high school to college, old friends going away and the daunting weight of decisions that will shape the future. Other common themes in her music include the comfort of home and finding one’s own place in an overwhelming world.

Support and inspiration have been crucial to her success as an artist; Paige has a highly supportive family and many idols who have influenced her. Paige’s parents and siblings, as well as her boyfriend of five years, are in attendance at her every performance. Paige’s favorite artists are Ed Sheeran, Lewis Watson and Gabrielle Aplin — she has recorded many covers from each of them, and their style has influenced her own quite a bit.

Music has had a tremendous impact on Paige’s life, and her performances have caused her to grow. Facing her fear and getting up on stage time after time has allowed Paige to erase much anxiety from her life. Each time she steps into the limelight represents a personal victory.

She also spoke of her desire to uplift others through her music.

“I want to make a positive impact, and if I could do that for other people it would be pretty cool,” Paige says.

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