Activities Night Fall 2018

Grace McKenna/THE REVIEW
Students check out the first activities fair of the school year.

Senior Reporter

This Wednesday, throngs of students found their way to Perkins, Trabant and the Harrington Turf to explore extra and co-curricular opportunities at Fall Activities Night. Marked by plastic tablecloths, tri-folds, flyers, candy and crowds, the event was a first-stop shop where students searched for their niche within UD’s large population.

While Student Central acts as a virtual hub for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), Activities Night is an opportunity for students and organizations to get valuable face-to-face interaction. Of the 370 plus RSOs on campus, 200 were scheduled to be in attendance on the humid fall night.

“I thought it would be scrambled and overwhelming,” freshman Maddy Thompson says. “It’s definitely more organized than I expected, and pretty easy to navigate.”

Thompson’s assumption was shared by many first-years who learned of Activities Night only a few days into their stay at the university. The students are invited to dive into a horde of opportunity, enthusiasm and new experiences in the form of a crowded event on campus.

Understanding students had spent hours making small talk with strangers with similar interests, first-years were asked for only one word that encapsulated how they felt walking through Activities Night. Freshman Alex Bellantine pondered the question for a few moments.

“Just one word?” Bellantine says. “Lit.”

Discomfort did ring true as freshmen students often cited being “overwhelmed,” and “stressed.” Yet, many saw the night in a more positive light, citing that they were “excited,” “overzealous,” “confident” and “hopeful.”

“I’m more excited than anything else,” freshman PJ Russo says. “There’s lots of opportunities. Whatever you’re interested, there’s something for you.”

Freshman computer engineering student Cam Frey stood with classmate and friend Alex Hayes in the Trabant Multipurpose room.

“It’s nice to see a diversity of interests and people.” He added, “in a school of 20,000, it’s nice to know there’s a space for anyone.”

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