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The Review is the independent student newspaper of the University of Delaware. Since 1882, it has served as a voice for UD students and strived to provide timely, accurate and insightful information about the university and the surrounding community. With a circulation of 2,000 and a strong online presence, The Review offers a market of students, faculty and community members to its advertisers.

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For more information, contact our advertisement team via email, phone or in-person. We offer both print and online advertisements, featuring special rates to nonprofits and student organizations. The best way to contact our business team is through email.

Phone: 302-831-1398
Address: West Perkins Student Center Annex. 325 Academy St. Newark, Del. 19717.

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    Amanda Kubik 4 years


    I am a manager at Cafe Ole on Main Street. I am interested in finding out more information about advertising with your company.

    Thank you,
    Amanda Kubik

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    Michelle Junger 2 years

    I would like to know more about the newspaper advertising. 516-686-7927

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