Album Review: Candice Glover's "Music Speaks"

Candice Glover-Music Speaks


After 13 seasons of “American Idol,” the winners’ names and talents seem to blend together. Aside from contestants like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson, who have really forged successful careers for themselves, and are rarely still associated with their early ‘idol’ beginnings, most of the show’s singers tend to be forgotten about rather quickly.

On Feb. 18, the most recently crowned ‘idol’ winner, Candice Glover, released her album “Music Speaks.” Admittedly, I was feeling rather uninspired about reviewing an ‘idol’ winner’s album, as many of them have produced very ordinary, or overreaching, debut albums after winning the TV show’s title. This seems to be especially true with the show’s R&B singers (Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino are among the artists to release unmemorable post-idol albums). While I do not think that Glover’s album is anything legendary, it did surpass my expectations and is far better than most previous ‘idol’ contenders’ debut albums.

“Music Speaks” has already gained positive reactions and is currently 24 on the iTunes album list. The 11-track album primarily features love related songs, but Glover does a good job at not just singing cheesy ballads (a crime that many former idols are guilty of on their first albums…“Flying Without Wings,” “A Moment Like This” and “I Believe” are amongst the sappy songs listeners could have probably done without).

Tracks like “Damn” and “Same Kind of Man” reveal Glover’s individuality as a singer, and her pure vocals, paired with lyrics regarding difficult situations, are far from lacking in promise. In addition to her own tracks, she covers The Cure’s “Love Song.” Being able to cover a song in a genre vastly different from her own shows off Glover’s talent, but was also a smart move in terms of her album, as she may be able to draw in a larger audience of listeners.

Overall, Glover’s album is a pleasant surprise. If people are willing to look past her “American Idol” title, she may have a shot at preserving a career in music. “Love Speaks” offers honest writing and lovely vocals. Although she may still be new to the industry, this first album is a worthwhile listen, and could help her move past the rut of many other ‘idol’ alumni.

─ Katie Alteri,

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    funkybluerooster 5 years

    I just read your article and I agree with you, but I cannot deny her voice and I blame the “Idol” machine for producing a mediocre album.

  • comment-avatar
    Trina 5 years

    She did not win American Idol. It was XFactor and she has a beautiful voice

    • comment-avatar
      AmericanIdolWatcher 5 years

      You don’t watch much music competitions

  • comment-avatar
    karen 5 years

    About the review of Candice Glover’s album. I feel that your review is not fair…..First of all Candice’s Cd debut at Number 1 on Itunes the day it was release under the best R&B album catagory as of yesterday was at Number 3 under the same catagory….. The album also debuted at no 1 in Australia under best R&B and may be 3 this week so that is something to write about……So her album is doing better than you give her credit for…..I love every song on her album……Fantasia is loved and not forgotten in the R&B world….She has had numerous hits in R&B and her live concerts blow people away. She was once in concert in Atlanta with jennifer hudson and she blew jennifer away that night! Ruben Studdard is still great singer and is respected and loved by the R&B community and was on the Bet Awards singing with Candice glover honoring Dionne Warwick……Pop is not for everyone! Candice, Fantasia and Rubin all said that they wanted to sing R&B so that’s the catagory you need to look under…although you did mention Candice being 24 on Itunes you didn’t write about her debuting at #1 on itunes and holding number #3 under R&B albums…..So please don’t down play them because they did win and are still great singers..

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    GClay 5 years

    Great review she is the best Idol winner in a while

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