All Panhellenic sororities reach bid quota

Bid Day
All 12 Panhellenic sororities on campus have reached the the minimum quota of 66 bids.


For the first time in eleven years, all 12 Panhellenic sororities on campus have reached their quota.

The quota, which was 66 during the most recent recruitment process, is the minimum number of bids individual sororities have to send. It is not required that sororities maintain the minimum throughout the entirety of pledging, it is only required that they attempt to recruit 66 women for pledging.

Amne Harrington, one of the program coordinators for fraternity and sorority life, stated in an email that if a sorority does not meet the required number they are allowed to keep sending bids until the number is reached.

Harrington also stated that roughly 25 percent of women on campus are in a sorority. 1,134 students registered for the 2017 Panhellenic sorority recruitment process and 870 of those students received bids.

In addition to the 12 Panhellenic sororities, there are seven sororities in the Multicultural Greek Congress and three in the Special Interest Greek Council.

Harrington advises the Panhellenic Council, which is connected to the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). A total of 26 sororities are represented in this conference and it gives each chapter the opportunity to receive assistance in promoting Greek life on their respective campuses. The NPC sets the for all of the sororities that are associated with them and the number is the same regardless of the size of a sorority.

She explained, also in an email, that the goal of having a set number is “to give each woman the maximum opportunity to join, provide the sorority experience to as many women as possible, and to assist sorority chapters in achieving parity.”

Junior Melanie Shpigel, who is a sister in Alpha Epsilon Phi, said it was “really amazing” that each sorority reached the quota since the number has continually increased since 2006.

She pledged during her freshman year and since then has become an involved sister and one of her sorority’s UDance Chairs.

“I work better when I’m busy and when I have a support system, philanthropic resources and ways to really get involved,” Shpigel said.

There is an estimated 200 women in Alpha Epsilon Phi, including the 56 women who accepted their bids and are now members of the most recent pledge class.

During the 2017 recruitment process, Shpigel worked closely with the Greek Council as a Rho Gamma, or recruitment guide.

“I was like a guidance counselor or camp counselor almost for the girls going through recruitment,” she said. “It was cool to be on the other side of it and see the Panhellenic side of everything instead of being in a specific chapter room.”

During the recruitment process, Shpigel had to be “unbiased” and could not associate herself with her chapter.

Shpigel also stated that it was “exciting” that the sororities reached quota because she felt as though she had a “direct impact.”

“I think that Greek life is a big support system and an opportunity to network,” Shpigel said. “[Sisters] can help you with finding an apartment in the city or getting an internship over the summer and when something happens to you they actually care about you.”

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