Alumnae find success making inspirational 'bloom' planners for women

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Courtesy of Michelle Trincia and Kaylyn Minix
The planners are sold at over 300 locations and overseas.


In the right conditions, a little seed can grow into something substantial.

Michelle Trincia, 26, and Kaylyn Minix, 27, know this fact well. Since starting the “bloom daily planner” line four years ago as part of the Student Media Group in Newark, they have watched their creative efforts blossom. Their daily planners are sold in more than 300 bookstores and boutiques all over the country, climbing to the top of Amazon’s best-selling list of planners and spreading to the overseas market.

“We have been planner users and lovers our whole lives,” Minix says. “That’s why we decided to work for this company that made college planners.”

Trincia and Minix came up with the idea for “bloom” while they were sales interns at the Student Media Group during college. Trincia was an English major with a minor in interactive media while Minix was an operations management and marketing double major.

As student media interns, they were responsible for selling advertising space for daily planners used on campus. After a few years, however, they found themselves wanting to branch out.

“We wanted to make something a little bit more attractive that girls would want to carry around campus,” Minix says.

They pitched their idea—planners that were fun, fashionable and chic—to Student Media Group, and were given the chance to start their own line.

Now, with retail sales doubling every year, the brand has expanded its line to include notebooks, to-do pads, binders and desk calendars. The brand is also currently developing teacher planners, a stationery line and thank-you cards, Trincia says.

These products can be found on bloom’s website or in bookstores and boutiques nationwide, including Liebermans Bookstore and Heart and Home on Main Street.

Despite their success, Trincia and Minix have stayed true to their original goal for bloom.

“The whole mission of bloom is inspiring and empowering young women to bloom into the best version of themselves, so we try to make organizing fun and something to look forward to,” Trincia says. “We try to infuse our products with positive messages and inspirational things like goal-tracking to inspire women to plan and grow.”

Every bloom product comes with an insert about the brand’s social media hashtag, “#bloomgirls” through which customers can share inspirational messages and provide feedback on products.

“If you go on Twitter or Instagram and just look up ‘#bloomgirls,’ you can see all of these girls who are using our products and sending us these positive messages,” Trincia says. “It’s just become a really cool community of these girls who are just sharing positivity, and it’s really rewarding to see that.”

Trincia and Minix are currently talking to international retailers with the hopes of expanding their European presence in 2015.

They remain loyal to their local roots, however, and often hire interns from the university.

Dominique Montoya, a communications major at the university, recently interned with Student Media Group––bloom daily planner’s parent company––and says she enjoyed her experience working alongside the business.

“It’s really cool to see their message of being organized, being on top of your game, being powerful, being empowered and having the drive to be successful,” Montoya says. “Being a bloom girl means having the ability and having the knowledge and having the drive to better yourself.”

The bloom daily planners company is also currently serving as a sponsor for UDress, the university’s fashion magazine. The brand will be chairing a table at the UDress Fall Fashion Event on Nov. 22 alongside Nicole J, owner of Nicole J Boutique, and another local entrepreneur.

Their advice for university students stems from their own experience here on campus.

“Don’t look for your dream job,” Trincia says. “I would say create it.”

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