Are there Juuls in hell?

Essay prompt: Are there Juuls in hell? Explain.

Boys who like to fight, boys who are too soft to smoke a cigarette, boys who want to do anal but won’t eat ass, boys who wear vests, boys who work in equities in Miami, boys who use empty liquor bottles for decor, boys who watch the Masters on their computer on the floor next to their feet during lectures, boys who will tell you who their dad is within the first 10 minutes of meeting you, boys who shotgun, boys who drink Busch, boys who wear beanies, boys who use a shoelace for a belt. This non-exhaustive list presents boys who are presumably going to hell, and since they will certainly bring their Juuls with them, you best believe there are Juuls in hell, sweetie.

– “Georgia Springs,” a student at the University of Virginia

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