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Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Alexis Carel


“They were confirmed positive cases and they were still in the dorm”: As cases spike, university runs out of separate quarantine and isolation housing

The University of Delaware has recently seen a spike in positive COVID-19 cases and is running out of separate designated quarantine and isolation housing.

Instant wins for District 1 candidate Horning and District 4 candidate Creecy in Newark City Council elections

Councilman James Horning and Councilwoman-elect Dwendolyn Creecy both ran unopposed and are presumed to be the winners for their respective district elections.

Analyzing our first two weeks of Spring ‘21 COVID-19 data

The university recently announced a new series of restrictions applying to on- and off-campus students to slow the spread of coronavirus in the community before it gets completely out of hand.

Black History Month: Reforms that Black students want to see at the university

Identifying what reforms Black students at the university are looking for can better equip both the university and fellow students in creating a more inclusive environment for those of all backgrounds.

FinTech Innovation Hub: bringing the workplace into the classroom

STAR Campus’ newest addition, the FinTech Innovation Hub, owned by Delaware Technical Park, reached its halfway point in construction on Feb. 10, with construction “on schedule” to be completed by Nov. 2021.

Students weigh in on university and off-campus COVID-19 testing options

As of Feb. 15, the university is requiring mandatory COVID-19 testing for all students living in residence halls, and will be administering random testing to those living off-campus.

University implements new anti-COVID measures in response to 87 new cases on campus, nine days after first day of classes

On the evening of Feb. 24, the university announced it would immediately be implementing new measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

Man pleads guilty to firebombing Newark Planned Parenthood

A Middletown resident, Samuel Gulick, 19, pled guilty in federal court on Feb. 11 to firebombing a Newark Planned Parenthood location last year.

The College Students’ (Provisional) Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination: UD’s potential role in your shot

Although there are few concrete answers to all of the possible questions about COVID-19 vaccination, The Review has compiled “The College Student’s (Provisional) Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination” to help answer all the questions that can be in this current moment.

Changes to Good Uncle on campus

Good Uncle recently made changes to how they operate on campus, selling meals in retail format and charging a flat rate with no extra fees for delivery.

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