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Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Kelsey Wagner


Opinion: Students should be more open to the COVID-19 vaccine

If we don’t get vaccinated, COVID-19 will take even longer to be resolved.

Editorial: How safe are local bars?

Main Street bars have become environments where COVID-19 can run rampant.

Opinion: Being an AAP Student prepared me for online university

What are online classes to a university student that has never lived in Newark?

Opinion: Does freedom of speech mean freedom from consequences?

The attack on the Capitol should serve as a chilling reminder to us all that words have power.

Opinion: Should the modified pass/fail option remain?

Having the modified pass/fail option was a small advantage that made everything a little less daunting.

Opinion: Should we abolish the Electoral College?

Should we abolish the Electoral College? Reluctantly, I say no.

Toxic masculinity in society

Toxic masculinity is ingrained in our way of life, so much so that we often do not notice it.

Opinion: Bring back reading as a hobby

Reading provides us with a chance to take a break from the online aspect of our lives and escape to somewhere else for a while.

Opinion: What happened to boxing?

The new trend of celebrity “exhibitions” may change the sport of boxing forever. Whether welcomed or not, it certainly brings new eyeballs to the sport.

Opinion: How COVID-19 has affected the movie theater experience

The pandemic could perhaps be the end of movie theaters as we once knew them.

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