It’s a crawl, not a sprint

Barcrawl Tips
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The more prepared you are for your bar crawl, the more fun you’ll have.


Call ahead. As a former server at a Main Street restaurant, I was a deer in headlights watching bar crawl groups approach the front door. Bar crawl season is among the most stressful times for Main Street restaurant employees. If you’re crawling anywhere before 10 p.m., give the place a heads-up. Let them know you are coming so they are fully equipped for your arrival.

Big group? Pay with one card. Bar crawls are mostly awful for bartenders because everyone opens and closes tabs at the same time, leading to disarray and slow service. Instead, require someone to be the bar crawl leader. Make it known that everyone must pay ahead to the bar crawl leader, who will then run all tabs on their credit card. Elect wisely. You don’t want to instill trust in someone who will lose their card or go MIA halfway through the night.

Skip out on the group tees. I know. Controversial. I don’t think anyone should feel obligated to spend $50 on multiple bar crawl T-shirts that are all too embarrassing to wear in public (even at the gym). Don’t be afraid to opt for something simpler––like matching bandanas or colored shirts.

Know the deals. The simpler the better. There is a special place in hell for 20-person bar crawls with all attendees ordering an Earth Hurricane Margarita. The simpler the drink, the faster the service. Also know which rail drinks are discounted beforehand, and keep an eye on those truly special bar deals. Some suggestions: $3 all-day Fireball shots at Arena’s, $5 Thursday pitchers at Rooney’s and $10 pitchers at Home Grown.

Plan the route, but keep in contact. Establishing a rough timeline for the night is always helpful, but plans will naturally change. Let crawlers know the route, but keep in contact––either by Facebook, text or GroupMe––so everyone knows the destination.

Drink water and eat pizza. Water to stay hydrated. Pizza to stay satiated.

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