Being vegan in Delaware: How Drop Squad Kitchen makes it easier

The restaurant is a quaint and comfortable cafe-style restaurant with a plethora of delicious options for customers to choose from.

Nushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
Drop Squad Kitchen can be found in Wilmington, DE near the Riverfront.

Column Editor

WILMINGTON, Del.⸺ Although most individuals are not aware, Friday, Nov. 1 was World Vegan Day. Even though I am not a vegan, I am a proud vegetarian and tend to lump myself with the stricter sect of vegetarianism, veganism. As a vegetarian for more than two years, I am pretty committed to the lifestyle, but sometimes it can be very tough to actually find vegan food to eat. Even for a small state, Delaware offers few viable options for vegans and vegetarians.

The only exclusively vegan restaurant in the entire state is Drop Squad Kitchen, which is located in Wilmington. The restaurant is a quaint and comfortable cafe-style restaurant with a plethora of delicious options for customers to choose from. There are classic comfort foods, such as vegan ribs and vegan mac-and-cheese, as well as healthier fare, such as delicious salads. Vegans and non-vegans alike can easily enjoy the options available in this delightful restaurant.

Nushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
The decor at Drop Squad Kitchen gives off all the nostalgic feels.

“The food here is amazing,” Lauren McKenna, a customer at Drop Squad Kitchen, said. “It tastes the same as the real thing, and I’m not even vegan.”

I went to Drop Squad Kitchen around 3 p.m., and the restaurant was extraordinarily busy. I was completely taken by surprise when an impressive queue within this small shop awaited me inside. When I reached the cash register, the lady who greeted me was super friendly and helpful. Because there was a large crowd, the food took a while, but it was totally worth it, as I was more than satisfied by my delicious meal. I definitely hope to go again.

If I had not gone to Drop Squad Kitchen, I would have never known about World Vegan Day. Nowhere on campus is there any mention of this day. None of the dining halls showed an ounce of effort to highlight World Vegan Day.

Nushi Mazumdar/THE REVIEW
The vegan ribs at Drop Squad Kitchen are amazing; definitely give them a try.

Plenty of fast food chains have become more vegan-friendly, from Dunkin Donuts to Burger King. So why isn’t the university trying to change their ways? We can hope that in the future the university opts to make a change for the sake of its vegetarian students.

Vegetarianism has become popular among students possibly due to its various benefits for animals, your health and the environment. Obviously, avoiding animal products saves innocent animals from dying. To lower an individual’s carbon footprint, avoiding animal products is certainly a step in the right direction. Adopting this lifestyle may also mean better health, as there is more room for healthier options in your diet, such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Overall, reducing your intake of animal products is extremely important, so the university’s ignorance on the subject is shocking and disappointing.


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