Best new Businesses on Main Street


11.21.14 INSOMNIA COOKIES Natalie Pesetsky/THE
Insomnia Cookies is a late-night cookie delivery service new to Main Street in Newark, DE. It has no phone number, but a detailed online delivery-tracking, ordering system.

Best new Businesses on Main Street

Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies is a beacon in the night to every college student craving warm, delicious cookies. Until 2:45 a.m., the bakery delivers, “from the oven to your door.” Basic flavors include chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin or double chocolate mint, to name a few. It offers a, “Deluxe Cookie,” priced at $2.75 each, brownies, cookie cakes, and ice cream with, “toppings and mix-ins.” And whether the giver, receiver or the cookie monster himself, customers can eagerly track orders from miles away via an online, “Cookie Tracker.”

Del Pez Sea Mex
Del Pez Sea Mex is a coastal Mexican-inspired eatery. Turquoise-colored chairs pop on the front patio, hand-made art glows blue on the orange-accented walls, and the service bar whips up specialty cocktails in the back. From first dates to lunch breaks, the most popular menu items are the blackened swordfish tacos, pork belly dish and the Earth, Sea and Sky. And to the surprise of many, it’s affordable, with $4 to $14 dishes and half-priced brunch entrées on the weekends.

Jimmy Johns
The franchised sandwich restaurant on Main Street whips up “subs so fast you’ll freak.” Black floors and walls, glowing red lights and bolded propaganda characterize the store that’s known for, “freaky fast delivery,” too. The menu items range from $4 “slims,” to something called the, “J.J. Gargantuan,” for $9. And despite all of the pronto-push, customers can seat themselves at tables or scoot into booths for a freshly made gourmet snack.

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