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Courtesy of Lindsay Yeager
Courtesy of Lindsay Yeager
Yeager did the branding and design work for this feminine kit and manual that helps Tanzanian women learn how to care for themselves during menstruation.


Lindsay Yeager
Senior visual communications student Lindsay Yeager shared her contributions as the director of visual arts for Dare Women’s Foundation, a Tanzania-based organization behind the Women’s Menstruation Project. The project aims to simplify the stress of menstrual cycles for Tanzanian women, many of whom are often forced to fashion makeshift feminine products with corn husks or pieces of cloth. Yeager rebranded the feminine hygiene manual, thoughtfully translating much of the pamphlet’s information into colorful images to overcome potential language barriers.

Marta Shakhazizian
A sophomore at the time, Marta Shakhazizian was interviewed last spring in the midst of her widespread success with Junk Kills, a cleverly haunting campaign that calls attention to the dangers lurking in the overconsumption of over-processed foods. The artistically inclined images—featured around campus, the Internet and at the Clinton Global Initiative University conference—illustrate vivid overdoses not by cigarettes, pills or alcohol, but by junk food. In a culture already plagued with binge drinking and drug concerns, Shakhazizian’s project serves as a powerful reminder that sugar can be equally addictive and life threatening.

Nancy Haydon Gray
The sprightly 79-year-old student, who has been taking classes (including Dance 101!) at the university for four years, featured her work at the Design Innovation and Positivity (DIP) club’s showcase in May. Gray’s display boasted poems, stories, illustrations and attendee-interactive plans for a children’s book. One of her former English professors, Jeanne Walker, shared an endearing anecdote about receiving an unexpected gift from Gray: a huge space heater to warm her unusually cold Memorial Hall office. Gray’s contagious zeal for learning, creating and interacting with the campus community is inspiring.

Enoch Lee
The university community continues to mourn the tragic loss of senior Enoch Lee who died this October in a car accident. A beloved son, brother, boyfriend and close friend to innumerable individuals, Lee has been overwhelmingly praised for his extraordinary compassion, profound selflessness and inherent determination to treat every person in his path with dignity. Lee’s accomplishments, impossible to ever adequately summarize, highlight an aspiring doctor, an enthusiastic volunteer, an empathic conversationalist, a student wise beyond his years and a passionate, fiercely gifted musician. Each story, including a string of touching student tributes, lovingly testifies to Lee’s unparalleled ability to connect on a seemingly spiritual level with friends and strangers alike. The world lost an irreplaceable light in Lee’s passing, but the eternal warmth of his beautiful legacy can not be extinguished. Donate to a fundraiser for a music festival in Lee’s honor here.

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