Boy Accidentally Remembers Mom at Party, Ruins Partying Mood

Melisa Soysal
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A normal Saturday night turned into a nightmare for sophomore Shane Tilly after he remembered his Mom at a party. Tilly was reportedly walking to a party with his friends when the unfortunate recollection occurred. Tilley said, “I was about to cross the street when a car shot around the corner and my friend stuck out his arm, saving me from the car. That’s when I thought about how my mom did that a few times when I was a kid because she loves me and then the whole night was ruined.”

Arriving at the party did little to change Tilly’s thoughts. “It was like everywhere I looked I just saw more and more of my mom. I walked through the kitchen of the house and the fridge had a few magnets on it, and I remembered how my Mom kept all the crappy magnets I made for her for Mother’s Day. I couldn’t stop thinking that she’s really such a great mom, which really just turned off the party mood for me.”

“I was talking to this one girl, and we really hit it off. We’re both business majors and she also likes The Office. So then we start dancing and I go to make out with the side of her neck when I notice that she wears perfume that smells a lot like my Mom’s. Then I started to think, like, she probably has a mom. I almost threw up.”

Tilly was unable to shake the thought of his mother throughout the night. As he chugged beers, he thought about his Mom mixing him the perfect ratio of chocolate milk. As he talked to his bros, he imagined his Mom telling him that they seemed like nice boys, which just made everything less fun.

Tilly was reportedly shocked by this lingering and intense feeling. “Since I’m a sophomore now I’m pretty used to living away from my mom. Sure I still love her and everything, but this is not the time or place to think about that. This whole night I felt so homesick. I would call her tomorrow but I don’t want to make her worried.”

Tilly’s night reportedly worsened when someone accidentally stroked his head and reminded him he has a grandmother who loves him very much.

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