Brown Hall and Sypherd Hall to close for renovations

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Brown Hall and Sypherd Hall, both located on the North Green, will likely soon be closing for a full academic year for renovations.

Senior Reporter

Brown Hall and Sypherd Hall, which are both among the oldest buildings on campus, will likely soon be closing for a full academic year for renovations, according to Jim Tweedy, the director of Residence Life and Housing.

The renovations of the buildings, which are both located on the North Green, will include the replacement of the current air-conditioning system and an expansion of the number of rooms compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, among other features.

“We really have to get behind the walls and we can’t do that in a summer,” Tweedy said.

Tweedy said the closings have been discussed in the recent past, but have been pushed back multiple times in the last three years. He said that while the buildings will not be closing for the next academic year, they will possibly close from 2020-2021.

Brown and Sypherd are not the only older buildings on The Green that are in need of renovations. Many of the buildings on the Central Green are in need of upkeep, Tweedy said. Dormitories on the North Green were last renovated in the 1990s.

He said they are still looking into whether the central Green renovations will be summer-only or require closings during academic year. He added that temporarily closing residence halls for renovations is “standard practice,” and recalled the recent temporary closing of the Harrington complex from 2013 to 2015 for major renovations.

“We will likely have to go through a lot of the Central Green buildings,” Tweedy said. “They’re all at an age where they need work.”

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