Candidates: Vice president of university affairs

Tim D'Agostino and Ross Schinik share their ideas if elected to the position. SGA elections will take place Wednesday.

Tim D’Agostino

tim d'agostino photo
Tim D’Agostino

D’Agostino is a junior environmental engineering major.

“As a candidate for the Vice President of University Affairs position, and as a potential member of the new cabinet, I would like to contribute to SGA’s longstanding effort to engage the student body and advocate for Blue Hens. Students here are involved in such a great breadth of activities, coursework and organizations, so a major goal for next year is to utilize the feedback we receive in order to best serve our campus community. The best decisions are reached when the most voices are heard, so I would like to collaborate with the other members of SGA to respond to student concerns and ultimately contribute to solutions.”

Ross Schinik

ross schinik headshotRoss Schinik

Schinik is a junior organizational leadership major.

“My experience as a senator has taught me that there are many ideas worth pursuing, and that each idea has the potential to be something impactful. I have also learned that some ideas are far fetched and may be worth giving more consideration before taking action. The ability to determine which ideas are worth pursuing is very important as a student affairs senator, and even more important as a vice president.

I will inspire the senators to achieve their goals. They must be truly passionate about making a change on campus. I once heard the following: If you want to get a group of people across a lake and onto the other side – do not just teach them how to row the boat – inspire them about the wonders that await on the other side. As vice president, my job is much more than organization and facilitation. My duty is to motivate and to create an environment where all ideas are welcome, and that the ability to make a positive impact starts from the inspiration intrinsic within us all.”


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