Capturing the Vote: Freshmen speak about this year’s election

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With this year’s election capturing media and public attention unlike ever before, potential first time voters give their thoughts on the candidates.


This year’s election is garnering the attention of individuals everywhere. From media outrage to public pleas for more transparency, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are changing the way we view our presidential politics. Staff Reporters Shannon Murphy and Caitlin Brune talked to university students, asking them which candidate they supported and why and their opinions on the current political climate.


“I am voting for Hillary because Trump is too radical for me. The media portrays him as slightly insane. Voting is very important because it seems like no one wants to anymore.”

“I am voting for Hillary this year because Donald Trump doesn’t support environmental conservation. He would rather see business boom.”

“I support Hillary Clinton because I think that she is a good role model for young women, and I support her position on various issues.”

“I would say Hillary because she wants to help people. Even though neither candidate is ideal, she fights for human rights and that’s what Trump lacks”

“I am voting for Hillary Clinton. While I’m not a huge advocate for Hillary, I do think that she is more well-rounded and less biased. I think whoever gets elected, not much will happen, because no matter which president gets elected, Congress will swing the opposite direction.”

“I’m voting because I can. Nothing bothers me more than when Americans ignore their constitutional right to vote. My views most align with the Libertarian Party. While neither candidate is perfect and I do not necessarily support Trump nor Hillary 100 percent, I align more with Hillary.”

“I supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries and I plan to support her in the general election. Many scandals are blown out of proportion, and while my views are more progressive than Hillary’s, I believe that politics will progress as our generation grows. Some of Donald Trump’s actual policy ideas are legitimate, but his degree of unprofessionalism is simply inexcusable in a politician.”

“I am voting for Clinton, because she is the most politically versed out of all candidates.”


“I support Donald Trump because of his main issue is focusing on the economy and border patrol, which I think is a good idea. I don’t think we should have an influx of people come into the country. We need to focus on the economy more. People have to pass a citizenship test to get into the country, and we can’t have people skipping that and having the same rights when they’re not citizens.”

“I am voting for Trump. I don’t like Hillary as an option. He would make me feel safer in the country, and I don’t trust Hillary. I like that he has been a successful businessman, so I think that could benefit our country. I do think sometimes he does stupid things, but he is just the better option. There are so many cons against [Hillary] that pushes me towards Trump. I am a registered Republican.”


“I am a Democrat because I grew up in a Democratic home, but I don’t particularly support either candidate. I strongly believe that the media does a lot of harm because it only points out the flaws in both candidates.”

“I am not voting due to the awful candidates that are running. When my kids are voting in the future, I don’t want to have to tell them that during my first voting experience I had to vote for either Trump or Clinton.”

“I am registered to vote, but this is my first year being able to do so. I am kind of iffy, especially this year. Everyone is kind of crazy and no one is taking it very seriously. I don’t know which side I am going to vote yet.”

General opinions/advice:

“Aligning with someone who has the exact same ideologies as you do is less important than choosing the candidate who has the best interests for the most people”

“I think that the media coverage is overpowered by fallacies. Easily influenced Americans are being misinformed and this election is being driven by attacks and claims. If the media focused on actual policy and likely future outcomes, the American people would be more informed about the election.”

“As college-age students, it is important for us to become involved and informed. This year is making people more aggressive in their politics, and we have a need for a steady, level-headed moderate leader.”

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