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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Arts and Entertainment

Captain Blue Hen vs. the comics industry: Comics and the economy of boredom

For Murray, comics are a real business and they deserve to be treated as such.

Easy weekend getaways for students in Newark

One of the best things about Newark is that it is kind of in the middle of everything.

Start composting for spring

Rather than letting spoiled food or byproducts go to waste, composting is a perfect solution.

Q&A with Soundbwoy, Delaware-based songwriter and producer

Soundbwoy balances his Delaware roots with big aspirations.

Fitness accounts to follow for fun and unique exercises

Before COVID-19 struck, my main source of exercise and movement was walking across the expansive Green in the beautiful weather while navigating from class to class. Nowadays, my exercise consists of walking to the kitchen for a box of cookies.

The galaxy has its eyes on you: E-52 performs “Star Wars”-“Hamilton” musical online

The passion project of Eric Brengel and Adam Wang has been brought to life by E-52 Student Theatre.

Exploring sex education through literature with Natalie Walton

Walton recalls that 6th or 7th grade was her first experience hearing about an incident of revenge porn.

Travel vlogging during a pandemic

Big travel vlog channels saw an increase in views come April 2020, right when most of the world went into a total lockdown.

It’s been a year: An open letter to COVID-19

A letter to our common enemy.

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