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How to read classic novels without hating your life

Classics are classics for a reason — their value has withstood the test of time.

Movie recommendation: “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”

"The Map of Tiny Perfect Things" is an enjoyable story of appreciating the things you may overlook.

Simple ways to improve your diet

Listening to your body’s cues will help you make good choices that will keep you healthy and happy.

Christopher Plummer tribute: A reflection on his roles as Captain Von Trapp and Harlan Thrombey

“The Sound of Music,” perhaps one of Plummer’s most famous roles, and “Knives Out,” one of his latest, are both films I felt a particular connection to through watching them with my family.

“To All The Boys: Always and Forever” movie review

Seeing as the second film didn’t quite live up to what I had hoped, I was apprehensive with whether the third one would continue the decline or if it would be an improvement.

You’ve seen her kind of eyes… Emma Stone is Cruella de Vil

The Academy Award-winning actress will star as the iconic villain in Disney's upcoming spin-off.

K-pop fandom: Toxicity incarnate

Toxicity found in K-pop fans seems to go above and beyond what I’ve seen from other fan bases.

Beginning of the semester stress

The pandemic has added a new layer to the usual stress of readjusting your daily routine.

Colourpop releases an Animal Crossing makeup collection

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has recently collaborated with Colourpop, a popular makeup brand.

Make-up dupes for beauty’s budget

While well-known, high end brands and products may seem eye-catching, they don’t always entail better products.

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