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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Campus Life

Start composting for spring

Rather than letting spoiled food or byproducts go to waste, composting is a perfect solution.

Using the arts for anti-racism, cultural diversity and social justice

Not all activism is artistic, but every form of activism has certain artistic characteristics.

Everything you need to know about getting an off-campus apartment

Living off-campus comes with many benefits: a new sense of freedom, independence and lifestyle among them.

UD artist spotlight: Nate Robison

Robison didn’t see himself as an artist until he came to college.

Celebrating my 21st on a Wednesday during a pandemic

The first key to celebrating your birthday during a pandemic and getting by in general these days, is to surround yourself with good friends.

Lights, camera, COVID: Reel Productions Film Society pivots in a pandemic

The club usually maintains a balance between film admiration and learning about production topics, a balance that has been skewed towards the admiration direction as of late.

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