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Mosaic’s guide to cooking with alcohol

Without being constantly seen with a bottle in hand, you can still enjoy alcohol in a variety of ways and forms throughout the day and into the night.

Drunk art review: Artist Jennifer West creates dazzling, surrealist works

Jenn West is an artist to watch; if her works are not in the Museum of Modern Art within the next ten years, it'd be shocking.

“But I’ve got better things to do” — musings of a “straight edge” punk

By marking a black “X” on each hand to show their commitment to a sober lifestyle, Straight Edge punks officially took a stand to set a positive example.

The university and diversity: The apathy and ignorance of an uninformed student body

The university's problematic political climate is indicative of its lack of diversity.

Mosaic’s guide to the best hot cocoa in Newark

Which coffee shop's hot cocoa will satisfy your sweet tooth and transport you back to your childhood? Mosaic finds out.

Movie review: “Halloween” thrills, terrifies and returns to the roots of the iconic franchise

In spite of a few minor pitfalls, the 2018 version of "Halloween" triumphs due to its nostalgia factor and exploration of its characters' emotions.

Is the university as diverse as it claims to be?

I noticed that the minority representation at the university pales in comparison to Delaware’s demographics.

Immigration: we’re not so different, you and I

Let us not forget that this is hardly the first instance of the United States’ unwillingness to accept immigrants. It is a recurring theme.

Album review: The exhilarating strangeness of Clarence Clarity’s “THINK: PEACE”

Clarence Clarity's newest album approaches pop and R&B from an engaging, eccentric persepctive.

Big Mouth season two review

Season two of Big Mouth covers topics like puberty, slut-shaming and insecurity in a humanizing and comedic manner.

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