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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Film and TV

“Loki”: An in depth look at the finalized MCU TV series

“Loki” certainly set the pace for the MCU to carry out the new phase.

“The Chair”: Is the Netflix series a realistic snapshot of university departments?

Most chairs pick and choose their battles, trying to win respect all around. What the Netflix series portrays well are the perils of that diplomacy.

Podcast: The [Movie] Review

Money and movies — what do they have in common? In the podcast, "The [Movie] Review," Contributing Reporter Danny Zang and Managing Arts and Culture Editor Nadya Ellerhorst respond to this question through a critical lens.

My journey through the Shadow Fold

I had read and loved the books, so given my history of books I love turning into bad movies (ahem, “Percy Jackson”), I was pretty apprehensive about how this show would develop. Luckily, I was not disappointed.

Commentary: SPOILER ALERT: The new Cap is Black, and that’s fantastic

Mackie is known to speak up for himself and he portrays Sam in a way that will give Cap a new and better position in the world.

Spoiler-free movie review: “Things Heard & Seen”

BY KATIE GARNER Senior Reporter I am not normally one to watch horror movies, but when “Things Heard &...

Movies to watch when you need a good cry

I find that what gets me the most worked up is not a movie that is just downright depressing throughout (this is me calling out “Saving Private Ryan” for ruining my night last Thursday). Instead, I find the bittersweet stories to be the most emotional, so you will likely see a lot of that on this list.

Movie recommendation: “I Care a Lot”

Marla Grayson (Pike) is the icy-cool yet charismatic main character in Netflix’s dark comedy movie, “I Care a Lot.”

SPOILER ALERT: “WandaVision” is a masterpiece by Marvel

"WandaVision" gives a creative twist to the typical Marvel format.

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