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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Easy weekend getaways for students in Newark

One of the best things about Newark is that it is kind of in the middle of everything.

Fitness accounts to follow for fun and unique exercises

Before COVID-19 struck, my main source of exercise and movement was walking across the expansive Green in the beautiful weather while navigating from class to class. Nowadays, my exercise consists of walking to the kitchen for a box of cookies.

Starbucks’ secrets: The inside scoop on the new seasonal drinks

As spring has sprung, so have these new drinks.

How to actually “glow up” before summer

Any body is a “bikini body,” so long as we feel good and confident being ourselves.

Embracing spring the Persian way

While Nowruz embraces nature in one day, Persian culture embraces nature on a daily basis.

Finding love in the age of social media

The popularity of social media has made finding a significant other more complicated than in previous generations.

Astrology’s rise to popularity in the era of TikTok

Where previous generations may have been more skeptical about astrology, Gen Z seems to have embraced it more than ever before.

Simple ways to improve your diet

Listening to your body’s cues will help you make good choices that will keep you healthy and happy.

Colourpop releases an Animal Crossing makeup collection

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has recently collaborated with Colourpop, a popular makeup brand.

Make-up dupes for beauty’s budget

While well-known, high end brands and products may seem eye-catching, they don’t always entail better products.

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