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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Using the arts for anti-racism, cultural diversity and social justice

Not all activism is artistic, but every form of activism has certain artistic characteristics.

Starbucks’ secrets: The inside scoop on the new seasonal drinks

As spring has sprung, so have these new drinks.

Please please me: Celebrating 58 years since The Beatles’ debut

Every band has to start somewhere, but it is astonishing how much of an impact The Beatles had on music and society.

How to actually “glow up” before summer

Any body is a “bikini body,” so long as we feel good and confident being ourselves.

LGBTQ+ young adult novels to put on your reading list

Hopefully, this list will inspire you to add one of these books to your reading list, however long it may be.

Everything you need to know about getting an off-campus apartment

Living off-campus comes with many benefits: a new sense of freedom, independence and lifestyle among them.

Movie recommendation: “I Care a Lot”

Marla Grayson (Pike) is the icy-cool yet charismatic main character in Netflix’s dark comedy movie, “I Care a Lot.”

SPOILER ALERT: “WandaVision” is a masterpiece by Marvel

"WandaVision" gives a creative twist to the typical Marvel format.

Embracing spring the Persian way

While Nowruz embraces nature in one day, Persian culture embraces nature on a daily basis.

Desert blues: A short primer on Northwest African rock music

Although rock has lost some of its popularity over time, it remains alive and well in Northwest Africa.

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