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Q&A with Soundbwoy, Delaware-based songwriter and producer

Soundbwoy balances his Delaware roots with big aspirations.

Please please me: Celebrating 58 years since The Beatles’ debut

Every band has to start somewhere, but it is astonishing how much of an impact The Beatles had on music and society.

K-pop fandom: Toxicity incarnate

Toxicity found in K-pop fans seems to go above and beyond what I’ve seen from other fan bases.

To the moon & the universe: the legacy of SOPHIE & MF DOOM

Both artists were celebrated by their peers and were considered some of the best the industry has ever produced.

Feminist icon Taylor Swift has fought misogyny her entire career

The systemic sexism and misogyny that Swift faces often overshadows her abundance of historical accolades and accomplishments.

Emily Montes: Internet-based genres & the future of music

Hyperpop is not the first music genre to be birthed by the twisted mind of the internet, nor will it be the last.

The distinct exposure TikTok has brought to the music industry

TikTok has afforded young artists a new way to grow an audience.

Musical theatre songs for those who don’t like musical theatre

Musical theatre inspires a broad range of reactions. For those who can't watch a musical without turning away in disgust, why not try a selection of songs that may change your mind?

Playlist of the Week | Dec. 3, 2020

See what our staff has been listening to this week!

A voice for the voiceless: Protest music and its impact on culture

Protest music has a rich history in the United States, acting as a record of seminal moments in American history.

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