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Book Reviews

Environmental reading list

The Review compiles their favorite texts that remind them of the importance of environmentalism.

Book review: Andre Aciman’s “Find Me” is a perplexing yet occasionally profound reflection on past love

“Find Me” is notable for trying to retain the thematic heart and setpieces of the first novel; however, the rich sense of humanity that permeated the original is largely lost in the sequel.

Nine books Mosaic enjoyed over Winter Session

Below is a carefully curated list of books that kept Mosaic inspired and afloat during a dreary Winter Session struck by cold-to-the-bone weather.

Book Review: “Fraternity”

By the end of “Fraternity,” it appears that Robbins wants us to make the decision for ourselves.

Book Review: Sy Hersh’s “Reporter” tells of an era of journalism long past, a must-read for any college student

In today's troubled media world, Seymour Hersh's memoir contains lessons and insights of value to anyone, Caleb Owens writes.

Lit Lens: “Sourpuss” offers a dark satirical take on fraternities, campus culture

I have a hard time resisting any story that makes me go “That is so f---ed up” while continuing to consume it without hesitation.

Lit Lens: Hope Jahren’s ‘Lab Girl’

“Lab Girl” is a tender memoir. But it’s going to take more to allay the slant that academia is just for boys.

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