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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Poem: Nightly Nightmare

I back away from the window, but it’s too late.

Poem: Junior High — Lyrics By The Victims

I pretended not to hear the glee they roared with glances.

Personal Essay: COVID-19 stole my college experience, but I am taking it back

Now here I am, back on campus for the first time in 18 months and I feel robbed, to put it lightly.

Poem: Breathless Cycle

Then once the storm passes, the cycle continues.

Poem: Shades

It’s colorless. All is colorless.

Poetry: In Words We Trust

My words only flowed through rhythm and rhyme; I forgot how to keep them even.

Behind Spotify: Interview with Dev Lemons

In an interview with musical artist Dev Lemons, Opinion Columnist Daniel Larlham discusses the monetary value of procured algorithms and playlists to independent artists in the age of COVID-19 and TikTok popularity.

Porcelain bull

In my mind, every girl within the walls of that 900 square feet was a handcrafted piece of expensive china, while I was some terrible, dangerous bull.

My days of dread in white America

The constant reminder of Black death that occurs every month of every year has led to many sleepless nights. Every day, I wonder if that will be the day I die.

It’s been a year: An open letter to COVID-19

A letter to our common enemy.

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