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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Commentary: Why does everybody hate AOC’s Met Gala dress?

The dress, designed by Aurora James, has garnered some strong reactions from all sides of the political spectrum, and frankly, it’s difficult to parse through it all.

Kanye West breathes new life into his discography with “Donda”

“Donda,” originally announced for release in the summer of 2020, resurfaced in the news in a surprising fashion this June.

From stage to the silver screen: What stars are saying about long-awaited “In the Heights” blockbuster

In spite of the struggles immigrants grapple with, the cast found it gratifying to be able to share these experiences with a universal audience.

A sweet review of Olivia Rodrigo’s “SOUR”

She has proved, perhaps better than anyone ever has, that she is not just a Disney star, but a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Podcast: The [Movie] Review

Money and movies — what do they have in common? In the podcast, "The [Movie] Review," Contributing Reporter Danny Zang and Managing Arts and Culture Editor Nadya Ellerhorst respond to this question through a critical lens.

My journey through the Shadow Fold

I had read and loved the books, so given my history of books I love turning into bad movies (ahem, “Percy Jackson”), I was pretty apprehensive about how this show would develop. Luckily, I was not disappointed.

Commentary: The downfall of David Dobrik, the Vlog Squad and the consequences of their lifestyle

Recently, the Vlog Squad has come under fire for a handful of different misconduct allegations.

Behind Spotify: Interview with Dev Lemons

In an interview with musical artist Dev Lemons, Opinion Columnist Daniel Larlham discusses the monetary value of procured algorithms and playlists to independent artists in the age of COVID-19 and TikTok popularity.

Commentary: SPOILER ALERT: The new Cap is Black, and that’s fantastic

Mackie is known to speak up for himself and he portrays Sam in a way that will give Cap a new and better position in the world.

Spoiler-free movie review: “Things Heard & Seen”

BY KATIE GARNER Senior Reporter I am not normally one to watch horror movies, but when “Things Heard &...

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