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University students and stocks: What do they know?

What do university students know about the stock market? In this video, Editorial Editor Bianca Thiruchittampalam takes this question to Main Street in Newark to find out the answer.

Theatre during a pandemic: The REP and their plans for the future

The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the arts was severe and, in the case of the university's own Resident Ensemble Players (REP), a devastating hit to the company's plans and staff. Staff reporter Sophia Johnson talks with REP leadership about their financial situation and how they've adapted to an unprecedented year.

Opinion: Unpaid internships and how they hurt students

Opinion: Unpaid internships and how they hurt students

Folie Made: The story of a student run business

University students Emma Kremer and Kelly McGlone have turned a hobby into a small and quickly growing business, gaining all of the marketing experience their pandemic-cancelled internships might have given them in the process.

Burning $1,000,000 dollars: Money and how it affects what you listen to

On August 23, 1994, British electronic band The KLF burned one million pounds sterling. Staff reporter Gershom Shahid explores the meaning behind the stunt and how it relates to the ways in which our music habits are shaped by money.

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