Thursday, January 26, 2023


How the Gen Z wave of voters is making a splash

Trends from the 2016, 2018 and 2020 elections form the basis for understanding voter turnout amongst Gen Z voters. John Della Volpe, polling director at Harvard, and Jing-Jing Shen, Harvard senior, discuss Gen Z voter patterns in the final installment of the National Agenda Speaker Series.

Sustainability office sends mixed messages about the university’s priorities

The new Office of Sustainability recently nominated an associate provost and academic director, Chris Williams, who spoke to the university on Dec. 12 about his vision for an environmentally-friendly campus and what that means for each department. Despite sustainable initiatives, investment records show that the university has only increased spending towards unsustainable products, leading students to express confusion about ongoing progress and the lack of accessible information.

Turning Point USA’s Israel & Christianity debate evokes strong reactions

In light of Turning Point USA’s debate on Christianity’s role in the Israelian conflict, a protest broke out at the end of the fall semester against Kai Schwemmer’s presence on campus, primarily due to his affiliation with Nick Fuentes. Student protestors and supporters of Schwemmer weigh in to determine whether this was antisemitic hate speech or merely an exercise in civil discourse.

The university joins the conversation on Critical Race Theory

In recent years, parents and school boards have been debating what American schoolchildren should and should not be taught in class. One crucial component of this debate centers around Critical Race Theory and its lessons on gender, race and sex. Staff Reporter Julia Manson discusses CRT with the chair of the university’s history department and covers a lecture that took place at the university, “On Critical Race Theory: Why it Matters & Why You Should Care.”

The dialogue on abortion in Delaware and Newark

Staff Reporter Adi Stein reflects on abortion rights and the dialogue around them in Delaware and on campus, with the Planned Parenthood in Newark at the center of those conversations. This semester, the clinic has been the location of scattered protests held by pro-life supporters.

How a student organization at the university is working to save White Clay Creek State Park

Native Species Initiative, a Registered Student Organization at the university is working to eliminate invasive species and support native local biodiversity in White Clay Creek State Park.

What the university’s freshman class wishes they knew before coming to college

Staff Reporter Macayla Cook interviews members of the university’s record-breakingly large freshman class to see how they’re handling the transition to college life.

Who is keeping students safe? A look at the UDECU program

Staff Reporter Maya Grant takes a look at the student-run EMT program on campus. The insights she gained shine a light on those behind it who are responsible for the safety of students.

Online proctored exams: Are they here to stay?

Even though in-person learning has fully returned, it seems like the online exam proctoring tools used throughout the pandemic have stuck around. Should the university keep using these? Students and professors weigh in on the debate.

To students’ frustration, student center dining offers limited hours

The student center restaurants on campus in Perkins and Trabant have inconvenient hours and do not accept meal exchanges at all times of the day, according to students. Students are eager to find easy ways to grab food when they are on the go.

Unreliable phone lines, weekend closures and misinformation: Student Health Services looks to make changes

Amid rampant student frustration, Student Health Services is looking to make staying healthy on campus easier. It aims to fix problems with phone systems, difficult hours and more.

University students discuss importance of political engagement amongst the student body

With the midterm elections having recently passed, university students were reminded of their civic duty and the opportunity to have their voices heard in politics once again. Staff reporter Nya Wynn talks to students on campus about how they participated in democracy this election cycle.

Demolition of the Conover Apartments underway after serving the university for 65 years

Named after a beloved university professor, demolition marks the end of an era for the Conover Apartments. A large, vacant lot in a high-density area of campus will be left in its place.

As food delivery apps struggle to make profits, Grubhub is still a staple of campus life

Grubhub: a staple of college life. Not only do college students order food delivery through Grubhub and similar apps when they are in need of a late night snack, they order it to purchase food at on-campus restaurants. Editor-in-chief Tara Lennon explores the purpose and benefits behind the university’s partnership with Grubhub.