Thursday, June 8, 2023


The Office of Sustainability opens its doors to the university community

The university is looking to create a more sustainable campus, inside and outside the classroom. The new Office of Sustainability has led to hopes of increasing the university’s sustainability ranking and attracting more prospective students in the years to come.

Students with food allergies navigate campus dining

The food inclusivity of the dining halls is a recurring inconvenience for students with allergies at the university. Staff Reporter Haley Glazier explores how the university caters to people with allergens and speaks to students with firsthand experience.

The future of the university’s journalism program

Throughout the past two years, the university’s journalism minor has been moved and changed to fit the new demands of the world of journalism. Staff Reporter Nya Wynn discusses these new changes with faculty members involved with the journalism department.

University fails to break world record, causing disappointment among students

The university recently tried to break the Guinness World Record for largest ice cream party. With a smaller-than-anticipated turnout and students departing before the ice cream was served, many expressed their disappointment and irritation with the event.

Incoming student receives substantial scholarship to play Super Smash Brothers for university eSports team

Anthony Casale, Delaware local and recent high school graduate, committed to play for the university’s eSports team in the fall. Being a top player in Super Smash Brothers, Casale received a substantial scholarship to the university, one of the largest ones they have given out for eSports.

Graduate students reveal devastating off-campus living situations

Many graduate students have spent years stuck in unhealthy living conditions and awareness is finally being spread around campus. As these students struggle to find appropriate living situations, the university begins to make plans to help.

Marijuana legalization leads to positive student reaction

After a lengthy fight, marijuana possession, purchase and use are finally legal in the state of Delaware. However, the university’s Code of Conduct still prevents on-campus use. Co-Managing News Editor Tabitha Reeves reports on student reactions and the reasons many cited for their excitement over the new development.

Mae Jemison to be 2023 commencement speaker

With Mae Jemison, the first woman of color to go to space, slated to speak at this year’s commencement ceremony, the university’s students voice excitement about her inspirational story.

A story one hundred years in the making: university press celebrates its centennial anniversary

The 2022-2023 academic year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the university’s press. Although it is using this moment to reflect on what brought it to where it is today, its vision to enter into open access publishing and diversify its publications makes it clear that the “small but mighty press” has its eyes set on a bright future.

Alerts signaling alleged sexual assaults spark worry and skepticism across campus

In light of numerous UD Alerts relating to sexual assault that many students perceive as vague and incomplete, Staff Reporters Alex Keating and Katie Martin have the story on what the university does and what students think.

Swastika drawn on poster outside Jewish professor’s office in Memorial Hall

On Monday morning, a faculty member discovered a swastika drawn on a drag event poster in Memorial Hall. As UDPD undergoes an investigation of the troubling incident, faculty and students share their concerns in light of a recent trend of antisemitism and hate speech.

Controversy over the flag of Iran sparks petitioning and an interim solution 

In light of discriminatory brutality towards Iranian civilians, some university students and faculty requested that the old Iranian flag be replaced with a flag more representative of the Iranian people. The request was met with disagreement, so the final decision over what flag will fly has yet to be made, but the interim solution is to soon display both controversial banners.

RSO leadership reflects on their experiences with the Division of Student Life 

Copy Desk Chief Esha Shah takes a behind-the-scenes look into what it is like to plan events for registered student organizations (RSOs). As the end of the year draws nearer, RSO leaders reflect on the challenges of managing groups of students.

Newark’s tap water: How safe is it to drink? 

From the taps in the residence halls to the water filling stations in campus buildings, students are constantly examining the best and safest places to fill their water bottles. Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon talks to water treatment experts at the university and in the City of Newark to discover how safe the drinking water in Newark actually is.