Thursday, August 11, 2022

Campus News

University dining halls continue their use of plastic utensils

As the unknown of the COVID-19 virus loomed on the university’s campus in early 2020, the metal silverware in the dining halls served its final meals. In recent years, with COVID-19, the demand for single-use plastics has increased as people work to use items that lessen the spread of the coronavirus. Despite concern from university students and faculty, Dining Services still has not halted its use of single-use plastic utensils as the fall semester draws closer.

What makes the Graduate College special?: A conversation with Louis Rossi, dean of the Graduate College

In a recent email, Louis Rossi, dean of the Graduate College, referred to Delaware as a "micro-state." Staff Reporter Shriya Tandon discusses with Rossi what it means to be a "micro-state," and what potential benefits the nature of Delaware yields for the university and the Graduate College.

Community Education Building revitalizes the Wilmington AAP

Since the 2021 fall semester, the Wilmington Associate In Arts Program has been having classes in the Community Education Building. Before the year of online learning, classes were held at the Delaware Tech campus and the University of Delaware Downtown Center.

Photo Gallery: Commencement 2022

Contributing photographer Joanna Lee and Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon contributed to this article.

Biden answers The Review’s questions about commencement, the university and ice cream preferences

The staff of The Review sent over questions to President Joe Biden as he prepared to speak at the university’s commencement on May 27....

Biden returns to address Class of 2022

BY KELSEY WAGNER Development Officer In 1978, newly reelected U.S. Senator Joe Biden gave his first commencement address at the university, his...

Dealing with burnout and the pressures of an impending graduation

BY MATT SMITH Contributing Reporter As this year’s seniors graduate, a new kind of anxiety is hitting them.  During the school year, the stresses...

A new future of wellbeing for university students

BY SYDNEY BECKERStaff Reporter As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic that upended so many lives, new changes, particularly a greater focus on...

Graduating seniors reflect on study abroad experiences

Three graduating Blue Hens recount their time abroad as part of their college experiences.

Photoshoots at Magnolia Circle water fountain: a graduation tradition

Traditional graduation photoshoots at Magnolia Circle fountain have been interrupted this year due to repairs.

The job market’s newest entrants begin to navigate the workforce post-graduation

BY MIA GALLOExecutive Editor The anxiety of the university’s Class of 2022 heightened as they spent the year scouring the internet for open job...

A PhD, MD and JD: A tale of three soon-to-be degrees

BY TARA LENNONEditor-in-Chief After four years of exams, late nights and morning coffee runs, many students at the university feel they still have not...

Students and community members rally for and against abortion rights on two sides of the Green

BY TARA LENNONEditor-in-ChiefAND MIA GALLOExecutive Editor In lieu of the Supreme Court’s leaked opinion on Roe v. Wade, students and locals rallied together in a...

Gore Hall elevator fire sets students’ accessibility concerns ablaze

BY LAURA MATUSHESKIContributing Reporter On March 11, the university posted a photo of Gore Hall on their Instagram page. Capturing a bird’s eye view of...
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