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Editorial: Mental health strains & resources in a not-so-normal semester

If the university cannot support our health during this time — physically and mentally — then it is failing to meet the basic needs of its students.

Editorial: “Where Is Dennis?”

"Where is Dennis?"

Editorial: The function of journalism in a divided world

We commit to maintaining a culture of objectivity in order to guarantee that we remain the reputable source of student journalism that we are today.

Editorial: Reflecting on how the university commemorates Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The Review reflects on the contributions of the university community, in commemoration of Indigenous People’s Day.

Editorial: Recent protests say more about student unity than university support

In light of the university’s lacking response, our student body is willing to stand together for what is right.

Editorial: It is time to break the silence surrounding Greek life

We encourage our university community to speak up about Greek life, and we offer our pages as a platform to do so.

Editorial: Students struggle with mix of in-person and online classes

Due to the mix of in-person and online classes, students struggle to make it to class.

Editorial: Dear students, now is STILL not the time to party

With the new development in vaccines and student readmittance to in-person learning, is “normal” partying on the horizon?

Editorial: Someday things will be different, but for now, campus COVID-19 protocols stay rightly in place

The Review commends the university’s decision to keep mask mandates and physical distancing protocols in place.

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