Coming soon to a vacant storefront near you: Main Street’s Qdoba

Qdoba Interior 2
Courtesy of Megan Prejzner
As a franchise, Qdoba is in the process of rebranding and have taken the necessary steps towards changing the look, feel and functionality of its restaurants.


While the sign above the door is finally up after a whole semester’s worth of anticipation, Main Street’s Qdoba is still months away from opening its doors to Newark’s many eager burrito enthusiasts.

Despite their initial plans to open this past spring semester, Main Street’s Qdoba has tentatively rescheduled their grand opening for sometime during this fall semester, pending the progress of the restaurant’s construction.

Located on 58 E. Main Street in the space directly adjacent to Honeygrow, Qdoba, a “fast casual” Mexican style restaurant chain, hopes to start serving its customers sometime in November.

“Right now, we are aiming to open around mid fall,” Megan Prejzner, Qdoba’s Public Relations and OmniChannel Brand Manager, said. “It should be somewhere in the November timeframe depending on construction.”

The franchise is in the process of rebranding and, as a result, has taken the necessary steps towards changing the look, feel and functionality of its restaurants.

“We’re going with brand new restaurant designs and we’re going to use them on all of the new opens,” Prejzner said. “We should have more coming in the next month or so.”

Equipped with free Wi-Fi and mobile seating options to allow for larger parties to be seated together, the chain hopes that these modifications will help improve the restaurant atmosphere and better the experience it provides for its customers, according to Prejzner.

These changes, along with the revisions made to its pricing structure that will allow customers to tack on extra ingredients without incurring any extra costs, might very well assist the new Main Street attraction in reeling in customers from its rivaling restaurants.

With establishments like Chipotle, El Diablo and California Tortilla all located only a short walk away, the culinary experience provided by Qdoba will have to set itself apart from its competitors and it is the sentiment of the franchise that these improvements will be instrumental in doing so.

With more than 640 restaurants nationwide, the Main Street location will join the other three existing Qdoba branches already operating in the state of Delaware.

Nevertheless, while many students eagerly await the opening of Qdoba, the restaurant’s arrival onto Main Street has stirred up a degree of controversy in regards to the city of Newark’s ability to provide diverse dining options for its residents.

The addition of yet another fast casual Mexican restaurant has upset some members of the student body who believe that the college town would have benefited more from a restaurant that could provide other kinds of cuisines that are still missing from Main Street’s current selection.

“I think it would have been nice to have something new come in that wasn’t a Mexican place,” junior Sara Downie said.

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