Copline Bling video garners student attention

Copline Bling
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UDPD’s “Copline Bling” became an unexpected viral success.


Familiar with success from other community outreach videos, Captain Jason Pires of the University of Delaware Police Department (UDPD) set out to educate students in a new way.

In an effort to grow the UDPD’s social media presence, Pires created “Copline Bling,” which he co-wrote with a friend.

“Copline Bling,” which parodies the music video for Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” has earned nearly 45,000 likes, 17,000 shares and 11,000 comments across various platforms since its original posting on the university’s Facebook page.

“The goal was 22,000 views,” Pires says, referring to the number of students enrolled at the university.

Holly Norton, the university’s social media manager, says this goal was reached within an hour of the video’s release. Posted to Facebook on Jan. 29, “Copline Bling” is holding steady at about 968,000 views.

Pires, formerly with the Dover Police Department, was part of the team responsible for creating a video of Master Cpl. Jeff Davis lip-syncing in his car to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” The video gained over 38 million views on the Dover Police YouTube channel.

Norton says “Copline Bling” took approximately 54 hours to produce, 13 of which were dedicated to the actual filming. UDPD officers volunteered to spend hours filming the video, unpaid.

Another goal for the video, Norton says, was to make students aware of the LiveSafe app, which allows students to chat with UDPD via text and monitor their friends’ locations. The university partnered with LiveSafe in Aug. 2014.

“Copline Bling was a true team effort between the UDPD and the Communications and Public Affairs department,” Pires says. “Without the Communications and Public Affairs department, the video would not be what it is.”

As another form of outreach, the UDPD officers that participated in “Copline Bling” welcomed back students on The Green and gave away t-shirts to those who downloaded the LiveSafe app.

When asked if there would be more videos like Copline Bling, Pires laughed and shook his head. However, Pires says his mind is always racing with different ideas to connect with students.

“I would assume they have a better sense of humor now, than I would have before,” Em Rowe, a sociology graduate student, says.

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