Despite cancelation, UDance co-executive directors remain hopeful

UDANCE Cancellation
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After nearly a year of planning, students were notified on March 10, that this year’s UDance event was cancelled due to concerns about coronavirus.

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Planning for UDance 2020 began in mid-April of 2019 when seniors Allison Worms and Paige Boyadjis were named co-executive directors for the event. From there they helped select the executive board and organized those involved with planning into fourteen teams, including an event operations team, an entertainment team and a community outreach team among others.

After nearly a year of planning, students were notified on March 10, that this year’s UDance event was canceled due to concerns about coronavirus.

“It was about two weeks ago that this conversation started,” Worms said. “It was just a very precautionary discussion, so at that moment we really were very shocked, but we know that this is the right decision and we want everyone’s health and safety to come first.”

In spite of the cancellation, those involved with UDance will continue fundraising efforts. The update encouraged the use of social media to promote “UDance 2020” as to not negate the effort put into it thus far.

“I’m not going to speak exactly on what we’re doing yet because, to be honest, we’re still figuring that out, but we are getting there and we are going to make March 22 a special day,” Worms said.

Both Worms and Boyadjis are thinking ahead about preparations for UDance 2021. Worms stated that one of their priorities is to make sure the success of UDance 2021 is not hindered by the current situation.

“Paige and I, this entire year, have felt very strongly about investing in the future of UDance,” Worms said. “We are going to start planning for our new co-executive directors, our new executive board and make sure they have all the tools that they need to succeed.”

Although UDance 2020 was cancelled, both Worms and Boyadjis want to ensure that its spirit lives on.

“Now more than ever, we encourage everyone to Live Like Andrew and ‘Be Positive,’” Boyadjis and Worms wrote on the UDance website.

The B+ Foundation honors the legacy of Andrew McDonough. McDonough battled childhood cancer and passed away in 2007 at age 14. His blood type, B+, was a motto to “be positive” throughout his fight.

Today, the B+ Foundation provides financial support to families of children who have been diagnosed with cancer and funds childhood cancer research. The B+ Foundation designates every kid battling cancer or having survived it a “hero.” These B+ “heroes” often make appearances at B+ events, including UDance.

The event was scheduled for March 22.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that communities work to limit the number of mass gatherings to limit the spread of the virus.

Because approximately 4,000 people attend UDance every year, it fits the CDC definition.

In an update posted to the UDance website, the decision to cancel the event was made to protect the health of students, faculty members, community members and B+ Heroes.

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