“Drinking. Relaxing. And drinking more”: 2019 spring break party destinations

BY Staff Reporter

As spring break approaches, many students are looking forward to spending their savings on a warm, lavish party destination.

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Popular destinations for spring break this year are Miami, Mexico and New Orleans.

“I’ll cry to my parents when I run out of money,” Morgan Wallace, a junior going to Miami over break, said. “But, I worked all summer and part time during the semester so I did save up for this.”

Although working full-time during the semester helps afford luxuries like spring break, many students struggle to balance work and school.

“I work part time at Iron Hill Brewery throughout the semester,” Francesca Gill, a senior, said. “I’m looking forward to relaxing on the beach in Miami, with a cocktail in my hand and going out to the clubs at night.”

Students are attracted to more affordable airlines like Frontier and Spirit, which offer fares under $200 round trip to fly down south. Popular destinations for spring break this year are Miami, Mexico and New Orleans.

“The entire trip costed me about $350,” Madison Fuller, a junior, said. “I am going to New Orleans and staying on Bourbon Street, one of my friends found a lot of really cheap deals for hotels and flights, so it sounded cool.”

In order to make their vacations more affordable, students are traveling in larger groups of 5 to 20 people. Also, some students believe that Airbnbs are cheaper and more accommodating for bigger groups than hotels. Wallace said there are 13 people in her group, and Gill said there are nine people in her group, both staying in Airbnbs.

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Corrine Bogan, the executive vice-president of student government association, is going away with 18 other people to Jacó, Costa Rica.

“It was the only place we could find big enough to fit everyone,” Bogan said about her Airbnb. “My friend group wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical but did not want the typical Miami or Cancún experience. I am most looking forward to being able to spend my week with some good friends in a beautiful place and to immerse myself in another culture.”

“I’m gonna sit on the beach,” Wallace said. “Drinking. Relaxing. And drinking more.”

In Miami, there is an EDM music festival, Ultra, during the week of spring break. Despite tickets being rather expensive, some students are planning on attending.

“Overall the trip costed me $1100,” Franklin Malamut, a grad student, said. “I’m only staying in Miami for four days, essentially for the festival, but I’m really looking forward to dancing in the sun, listening to music and drinking with the company of my friends.”

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