Editorial: Lisa Blunt Rochester for Congress

Taylor Nguyen/THE REVIEW
The Review endorses democratic candidate Lisa Blunt Rochester for Congress.

Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.) is a strong, respectable politician who has proven her merits in her first term as a U.S. Congresswoman. Scott Walker, her Republican opponent, is a total mess.

The Republican candidate is running for Delaware’s at-large Congressional seat in the U.S. House against Democratic incumbent Blunt Rochester. Walker also opposed Blunt Rochester in the 2016 Congressional race, but that time as a Democratic candidate. He has been disavowed by the Delaware Republican Party and, earlier this month, live-streamed himself being kicked out of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a church via Facebook Live.

While his foolishness starkly contrasts Blunt Rochester’s rational and respectable nature, it’s important not to take Blunt Rochester’s perceived advantage for granted. The Review endorses Democratic candidate Lisa Blunt Rochester for Congress and strongly encourages eligible students to vote in the upcoming November elections.

Walker’s proposed policies are ridiculous and offensive. He believes that healthcare for all incentivizes laziness. His views on gun control are troubling in light of an increase in school shootings across the country, and Walker’s blatant denial of climate change is outright ridiculous. Ultimately, Scott Walker is an opportunist, attempting to maximize votes without having a strict set of beliefs or principles. He is a joke that has become a bit too serious and one of many half-baked candidates unfortunately running for governmental office, which are all too familiar in our current political climate.

Blunt Rochester’s debate approach was, essentially, to pretend Walker doesn’t exist. At last week’s Delaware Debates, she asserted that she is running for the people and not against someone else. Blunt Rochester seems to believe that the negative attention that Walker has been garnering throughout the course of this campaign cycle will not translate into votes; however, we’ve seen this mindset before.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign approach toward Republican candidate Donald Trump was not much different — and look how that turned out for her. Furthermore, people are, apparently, deciding to vote for Walker as a joke. The predominantly liberal belief that a candidate shouldn’t have to campaign against their immature counterpart only seems to heighten the likelihood of their opponent being elected to office.

Lisa Blunt Rochester is the logical choice for the Delaware Congressional seat. She advocates for the concerns of students and citizens alike. She believes in climate change and champions healthcare for all and common sense gun reform. Blunt Rochester has repeatedly voiced her support for Planned Parenthood and funding for women’s health. She has sponsored or co-sponsored over 200 bills, and serves on the House Committee on Agriculture and the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. It is embarrassing for such a reputable candidate to have to campaign against someone who does not take facts into account and who does not have an established set of principles governing his candidacy.

No matter how painful it may be, we have to take candidates like Scott Walker seriously and remind ourselves that political leaders like Lisa Blunt Rochester do not grow on trees. For this reason, it is especially important that people get out and vote in the upcoming election. Even a small number of votes can make a difference.

Editorials are developed by The Review’s editorial board, and reflect the majority view of the staff, the Editor in Chief and the Executive Editor. The editorial board was led this week by Editorial Editor Alex Eichenstein. She can be reached at aeichen@udel.edu.

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