Fantasy Camp’s “One for Sorrow” is a melancholy masterpiece

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Fantasy Camp’s “One For Sorrow” is a gorgeous example of what SoundCloud rap can be.

Over the last few years, SoundCloud has become the premiere website for aspiring musicians to upload and share their music — namely rap and hip-hop artists.The site has become so popular that artists who have not quite broken into mainstream success have started being referred to as “SoundCloud rappers,” and the music they make “SoundCloud rap.”

In the midst of all of the experimentation and saturation of SoundCloud rap, the group of artists known as Gothboiclique (abbreviated as GBC) stand as one of the most prominent figures of the genre.The group gets their inspiration both aesthetically and sonically from emo and alternative music, primarily from the late 1990s to mid-2000s. Lil Peep, a popular artist from GBC who did manage to break into mainstream success and also passed away in November, was the most well known of the group. He is credited by many as pioneering the style and sound of Gothboiclique and influencing rap and hip-hop culture beyond the confines of their group.

Amidst the GBC hype, we have Jonah Kramer — an artist from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., who has been making beats and producing under the name Fantasy Camp since 2012, according to his Bandcamp page. He also played drums for Pennsylvania alternative band, Westpoint. Although Fantasy Camp is not an official member of GBC, he is a close affiliate. In January, however, Kramer decided to get on the microphone and released a project with friend and fellow Soundcloud rapper, Lil Zubin titled “Another Heart 2 Break.” Not long after that, he released his debut full-length solo effort, “One for Sorrow.”

The album boasts features from prominent GBC artist Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (known more commonly as Wicca Phase), who used to play in alternative bands Tigers Jaw, and Coward. Luckily, the features are not the main attraction on “One for Sorrow” — Kramer stays in the spotlight and shines.

“One for Sorrow” is a somber, melancholy record with gorgeous, textured production. Fantasy Camp hones his craft on that end and proves his talent for writing incredibly catchy hooks that also make you want to cry.Album opener “Heartbreaker” pairs Kramer and Lil Zubin together once again, and the two alternate singing throughout the track. Lil Zubin’s silky smooth singing voice compliments Kramer’s low and monotonous (in a good way) croons. The duo proved to be a force to be reckoned with on “Another Heart 2 Break,” and “Heartbreaker” only reinforces that.

Save for the sixth track “With or Without U,” which features Wicca Phase, Kramer gets all of his features over with in the first three tracks, leaving the rest of the 10-track album to fully show off his musical prowess.All tracks from “Concord” to “Stay” are back-to-back bangers, as Kramer continues to deliver catchy hooks accompanied by a surprisingly diverse assortment of beats.

“One for Sorrow” is a bright light in a genre of music that is incredibly saturated by nature. Fantasy Camp proves not only that he is one of the most fluent and capable producers for SoundCloud rap, he establishes himself as a powerhouse able to pump out two projects back to back. Fantasy Camp is an artist you should be sure to watch in 2018, and I’m confident his popularity will only continue to rise.

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Tracks to listen to:
“Way Down”
“Track Meet”
“Reaching for You”

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