Fashion student talks styling services

Henley Cook
Cook is majoring in fashion merchandising.


Since senior fashion merchandising major Henley Cook stepped foot on campus almost four years ago, she has been finding new ways to express herself through her naturally strong sense of fashion. But it wasn’t until recently that she realized her flair for helping others find their own style.

“I just love the art of personal expression through dress,” she says. “It tells a lot about a person.”

Cook became inspired to start styling others when she went on a study abroad trip to Paris this winter with the fashion and apparel studies program. There, she helped revamp the wardrobes of some friends, who then encouraged her to extend her skills more officially.

Since she has a strong presence on campus, Cook decided, upon returning to campus, she would offer styling services to students who wanted to enhance their means of self-expression.

“I really enjoy doing this a lot—for myself and other people,” she says.

Cook offers personal styling at a flat rate of $40 for three hours, charging $10 for every additional hour. During wardrobe consultations, she suggests ways for her clients to change up their styles. She even goes to the mall with clients to help them choose outfits that best suit their body types. She also offers event styling, helping clients create appropriate outfits for specific events.

Cook is involved in many activities that speak to her love of fashion, including writing fashion editorials for UDress Magazine.

“My ultimate goal for my career is to become a fashion editor,” she says.

Cook says her own style is “original, unique and limitless.” She has recently been trying to embody the “rockstar” look, which she describes as “fearless and kind of cool.” She also enjoys vintage fashion and says she has become more inclined to take risks.

“My freshman Intro to Fashion Merchandising professor, Dilia López-Gydosh, told the class, ‘College is the perfect time to experiment with fashion,’” she says. “And I took that wholeheartedly.”

Cook hopes to expand her business and grow her clientele. She currently has two clients, senior Kathleen Corcoran and freshman Marissa Timoner.

With Cook’s help, Corcoran revamped her style during their Paris study abroad trip.

“Henley has very daring style, which I admire,” Corcoran says.

Corcoran says Cook helped her choose outfits to wear on casual days out while in Paris. Since returning to campus, she has continued seeking Cook’s advice.

“I learned [to] not be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone,” Corcoran says.

She says Cook inspires others to “break the rules” a bit when putting together outfits.

“Henley has what it takes to be a stylist,” she says. “She will definitely shake up the fashion world.”

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