First State Cup marred by racism, Harker responds

Earlier this evening, university President Patrick Harker sent an email to students, staff and faculty in regards to racist comments posted to a popular social media application after this weekend’s football game against Delaware State University.

That app, called Yik Yak, streams anonymous comments from users in a given area.

“It is troubling that this athletic contest between Delaware’s two public universities — a time of fun and celebration — was marred by rude and disrespectful language,” he wrote. “It is even more distressing that we continue to be exposed to such hatred.”

His message calls for the university community to join him in “condemning such hurtful actions that hide behind the mask of anonymity.”

Students have taken to that same app to respond to President Harker’s email, some commenting that the email came too late and others posting in the affirmative, with one “Yakker” posting “props to pres Harker.”

In one post that gained several “upvotes” and comments, a student wrote, “okay, I understand that most people on this campus come from small white towns where it may be normal to make racist jokes, just realize the impact that your ‘jokes’ have on the few minorities here.”

Earlier this week, The Review published an editorial on this issue. That editorial can be accessed here.

Udel football vs del state
Andrew Kuczmarski/THE REVIEW
The Blue Hens rivaled Delaware State this weekend in the First State Cup. After the game, racist remarks appeared on a social media application popular among students.

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    Brad 5 years

    I have personally seen a frightening increase in the “looseness” in which racist terms and phrases are used among young people (generally age 18-23). I’m not sure if they’re just words, or if they reflect attitudes as well.

    I will also note that the second to last paragraph seems to make sweeping (arguably racist) generalizations. I am not sure why the author of that comment felt so confident that he/she could assume racist statements were obviously made by someone living in a “small white town”. That ignorant comment distracted from the article, and the author shouldn’t have included it.

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