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First wave of student-athletes return to University of Delaware

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Student-athletes who live in Delaware or stayed in the Newark area are reporting for voluntary workouts.

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The first small glimpse of hope for Delaware athletics arose, as the first wave of student-athletes are set to report back to the athletic facilities this week. Of the almost 600 student-athletes at the university, just under 50 athletes are set to report back this week.

Scott Day of the Athletic Communications Department highlighted the basis of return for this first wave of student-athletes.

“Beginning this week, we will have our first wave of student-athletes back in our facilities for voluntary workouts,” Day said in an announcement. “This group was based upon student-athletes who were in close proximity to campus during the stay at home period.”

According to Day, all athletes set to return to the university this week were tested prior. Once at the facilities, they will be monitored daily. Student-athletes will be required to check in with the medical staff and undergo temperature and welfare checks.

Along with daily monitoring, safe social distancing practices will take place during workouts and proper adherence to guidelines that have been seen around the country will be followed. Athletes will wear masks and socially distance themselves from others during all workouts that take place.

The athletic facilities in use are also set to see extensive monitoring during the workouts. Certain areas of the facilities are set to be closed off. Walkways will be designated for different directions in order to avoid as much contact as possible.

According to Day, several athletes have opted to wait to report to workouts.

In an interview, he emphasized what this group of student-athletes means to the possibility of future waves of athletes coming back.

“This group understands there is a bigger responsibility with them,” Day said. “There was a large talk to understand there is a responsibility for the future waves to come in.”

There has yet to be any decisions on when future waves of student-athletes may come back to campus due to the situation’s fluidity.

“We have got to be flexible,” Day said. “It is a learning process for all of us.”

Similar to the future waves of athletes, no decisions have been made yet in regards to fall athletics at the university.

The timeline of when a decision is set to be announced is unclear, as well; however committees and working groups are in place for determining the fate of the fall season. Day noted to expect a decision within, “the next six to eight weeks.”

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