Food review: Roots Natural Kitchen debuts on Main Street

Melisa Soysal
Melissa Soysal/THE REVIEW
Roots Natural Kitchen debuts on Main Street, adding to Newark’s bowl craze.


The recent departure of YogoBerry from Main Street left behind a vacant plot of fertile real estate. In its place, a root decided to grow.

Roots Natural Kitchen opened last week on Main Street, feeding the growing hunger of the bowl fad. The restaurant offers healthy options for vegans and carnivores alike — everything from avocados to chicken to BBQ tofu — all in a bowl.

Walking into the restaurant may launch some into a state of decade confusion. The vibrant colors and glossy walls add a futuristic flavor to the bowl, while early 2000s hits by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake keep your tastebuds dancing. That said, the restaurant brings “sexy back” in its own unique way.

Under the assembly line model, customers can craft their own bowl or select from a number of signature bowls. The ingredients are on display through a glass window, keeping the customer salivating for the entire ordering process. Meanwhile, juicy slabs of chicken and earthy mushrooms sizzle on the grill while new workers panic to throw together correct orders.

The restaurant’s signature “Roots Bowl” brings a particularly delectable flavor fusion to the table. While customers sink their teeth into a savory chunk of sweet potato flesh, the kale and cranberry tandem strike with an explosive blast of sweetness. The “Roots Rice” contributes to the battle with tasteful ground support.

For those who prefer to clean their palate with a refreshing swig of lemonade or raspberry tea, Roots is not the place to go. At that point in the meal where thirst creeps in, the customer will quickly begin to notice all of the water cups around them. They’ll quickly realize that water happens to be the only beverage available. And for some reason, this water just doesn’t have the same allure that a pool or waterfall might.

While the transparent cups with their transparent liquid allow for an interesting study of straw refraction, they don’t make it easier to enjoy the meal. Other health oriented restaurants like Home Grown and Honeygrow just across the street serve a variety of beverages, making it unlikely that water will help this root grow.

Overall, Roots Natural Kitchen is an excellent place for the health conscious bowl lover to grab a quick lunch. Perhaps it is to the restaurant’s advantage that their sole beverage contains no flavor, forcing the customer to focus on the eating experience. An experience which, all things considered, is well-deserving of an 8/10 rating.

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