Former Delaware baseball player Clay Conaway pleads not guilty to raping 6 women

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Georgetown, De., native and former Delaware baseball player Clay Conaway has pled not guilty to raping six women over a period of five years, according to The News Journal.

The 22-year-old ex-relief pitcher was arraigned in Sussex County on six counts of second-degree rape on Thursday. According to the Associated Press, Conaway is being held at the Sussex County Correctional Institution on $310,000 bond on seven total counts of rape.

Conaway was first arrested on Aug. 22 after allegedly raping a 20-year-old woman in June. Since then, five other women have come forward claiming he sexually assaulted them in instances dating back to 2013, when he was 17 years old.

Former Delaware pitcher Clay Conaway

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The new counts, according to The News Journal, include one from May, one from August 2017 and two separate incidents in 2013.

Conaway was expelled earlier this month after a university-led investigation into a November 2017 rape in an off-campus apartment.


Sept.: Conaway allegedly commits a 2nd degree rape.*

Dec.: Conaway allegedly commits a 2nd degree rape.*

Aug: Conaway allegedly commits a 2nd degree rape*

Nov.: Conaway allegedly rapes a 22-year-old in an off-campus apartment.

May: Conaway allegedly commits a 2nd degree rape.*

June 10: Conaway’s Nov. victim reports the incident to the university, launching an investigation, according to WDEL. The investigation was within the university and Conaway has not been charged criminally in this case.

June 14: According to WDEL, Conaway would likely have been made aware of the university investigation by now.

June 20: Conaway allegedly rapes a girl in Georgetown.*

July: Conaway allegedly committed two counts of second-degree rape.

Aug. 22: Conaway is arrested as a suspect in the June 20 rape.

Sept. 18: Conaway is expelled from the university following the investigation into the Nov. 2017 rape, according to WDEL. According to the radio station, the university said the following in a letter regarding his expulsion: “The Sanctioning Panel determined that behaviors exhibited by the [Conaway], including choking, threats, intimidation, violent acts, force, and control of the victim posed serious risks to the Complainant and jeopardized her safety.”

Sept. 27: Conaway is arraigned on six additional charges of raping five victims beginning in 2013. His bond is set at $310,000.

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