Girl Scouts at Grottos

Girl Scouts at Grotto's
Lorraine Cook/THE REVIEW
Alex asks: are the values on display on a Saturday at Grotto’s the ones we want to impart to Newark’s Girl Scouts?


Girl Scouts have been sitting wide-eyed, eager to sell cookies outside Grotto Pizza on Main Street for the past few weekends. Rewind.

Known for the “Satur-dage,” the university’s local bar, Grotto Pizza, houses around 350 people at max capacity. So, let’s think about the amount of drunk students crowded inside and in line for the Grotto’s day drink. Let’s assume Grotto’s is surrounded inside and outside with approximately 375 to 400 students.

Now let’s take a handful of badge-wearing, integrity-driven Girl Scouts and place them right next to this overcrowded rowdy bar for some good sales action!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Grotto’s on Saturday, but what parent made the executive decision that cookie sales were more important than a safe environment for these young girls?

The Girl Scout mission is to “build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place,” their national website states. So what kind of character-building is this? What badge does this merit? Manipulative sales tactics?

It irks me that the very foundation that wants to create high-achieving, well-rounded girls is stripping the purity of this program with the location of their cookie stand. More offensive is the way that everyone is making this seem okay.

This is disturbing the ideals of these impressionable young girls.

These young girls are now grouping being drunk and being happy in the same category. I mean, why wouldn’t they, right? Girls as young as five years old are witnessing this behavior as a good thing. So now what? Are these young girls going to grow up wanting to mirror the image of the older “cool” kids they witnessed on Main Street?

You have to think that they will. Saturday has come and gone once again. Rewind and reevaluate next week’s sales tactics, parents.

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