Grit ‘N Wit: Where brain meets brawn

Students participated in Grit ‘N Wit, a challenge that utilizes both mental and physical abilities.

Senior Reporter

This past weekend on East Campus, it was easy to spot several excited faces and the massive obstacles laid before them. This was not your average Saturday afternoon — it was a decathlon of both mind and body.

To kick off the end of the first week of classes this semester, university students participated in the school’s first ever Grit ’N Wit event on the Harrington Turf on Sept. 1.

The competition featured dozens of pre-registered teams racing through a course which combined both intellectual and athletic ability. The mix of puzzle- and concept-based games with physical obstacles gave the experience a unique feel.

Around 1:00 p.m., contenders were released onto the track in several waves, eventually filling the course in its entirety.

There were cheers and shouts of enthusiasm as some teams lingered on geometric brain games while others flew through balancing or climbing challenges. All the while, music encompassed the turf, and a large, red digital clock — like that presented to the runners of a marathon — marked the students’ times.

The day ended with team 12 triumphing over all of the competition with a time of just over 18 minutes. The team of sophomores attributed their quick pace to their cheerleaders on the side, their teamwork and their matching headbands.

“They kept the brains in and the sweat out,” team member Garrison Piel said.

However, this might not be the last time these champions traverse the Grit ‘N Wit course. According to the founder, James Moher, a head-to-head matchup between all of the winners of Grit ‘N Wit across the country is something the company is aiming towards.

“Getting the event on ESPN would be the goal,” Moher said.

Over the span of four years, the course has visited nearly 70 schools throughout the nation, making for an extensive list of top teams eligible to compete.

Participants at the event exhibited high spirits and stimulated minds. These students from different backgrounds with varying degrees of competitive spirit were all able to succeed and have fun on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

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