GRITTYWATCH: Gritty is Gritty, fans go wild for Philadelphia’s favorite ‘bully’

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Flyers
According to the Flyers website, the team underwent an extensive process to develop Gritty, enlisting the help of Dave Raymond during the 2017-18 regular season. The process included evaluating over 100 different designs.

Copy Desk Chief, Gritty Expert

Gritty shows no sign of losing momentum, and fans have continued to share their love.

Monday morning, Gritty tweeted at Lady Gaga, mentioning that he had seen her most recent film, “A Star is Born,” over the weekend. Gritty displayed his infectious self-confidence, telling the singer-songwriter that he has also been called the “songbird of my generation.”

Saturday, there was a Gritty Sandwich Showdown in Philadelphia, where three food vendors battled to determine which sandwich will honor the city’s hero. Mike’s BBQ, Joe’s Steaks and City Tap House competed at City Tap House’s University City location for the title of the best “gritwich.”

Joe’s Steaks won the competition with a sandwich that contains cheese whiz, onions, fries and Cheetos.

That same night, the Flyers played the New Jersey Devils, and during the intermission, as fans were running around on the ice in bubbles, Gritty delightfully pushed them over.

“Are you not entertained?” -Gritty @spittinchiclets

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Gritty’s beautiful mug has also graced a lucky couple’s wedding cake.

The cake was made by Kia’s Cakes & Café, which is based in Lansdowne, Penn. The baker has also expanded to other Gritty-themed baked treats, including individual cupcakes, with the bodacious beast’s grinning face.

Even babies are getting in on the Gritty love. One parent made a Gritty costume for her child in anticipation of Halloween.

Gritty fans of all ages can get on the costume train, too, if they want. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s reporter Bethany Ao is featured in a video that shows how folks at home can make a simple but funky costume for a very Gritty Halloween.

Ao wrote an accompanying article with more detail on becoming the best Gritty one can be.

“Don’t be shy about busting out your best goofy dance moves,” Ao wrote. “Stir up trouble in the same way that Gritty does.”

After all, there is no time like the present to get Gritty with it.

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