GRITTYWATCH: He is officially Philadelphia’s favorite bodacious beast

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Flyers
According to the Flyers website, the team underwent an extensive process to develop Gritty, enlisting the help of Dave Raymond during the 2017-18 regular season. The process included evaluating over 100 different designs.

Copy Desk Chief, Gritty Expert

On Thursday, Oct. 25, Philadelphia City Council passed a two-page resolution welcoming Gritty and honoring his “spirit and passion.”

Helen Gym, councilmember at-large, signed the resolution, which said “Gritty may be a hideous monster, but he is our hideous monster.”

The day before, Gritty shared his baby pictures on Twitter: him at one-month old.

At a Flyers game on Oct. 22, Gritty continued his rambunctious intermission behavior, knocking over fans who were dressed like sumo wrestlers. For his behavior, Gritty was sent to the penalty box, which he subsequently destroyed.

Gritty threw his stick, chucked towels and water bottles from the box onto the ice and broke the glass, knocking the pane loose. All the while, children in hockey gear, the Mites on Ice who play during the intermission at games, skated past, paying no mind to the temper tantrum happening.

The Gritty costumes continue, too. Chip Chantry on Twitter shared photos of his dog, Stanley, proudly dressed like the orange hero.

Gritty-themed food shows no sign of stopping, either. Bethany Ao, the reporter responsible for teaching us all how to become Gritty, penned a story for where the staff tasted all the food inspired by the behemoth in the city on camera for Ao and Kristen Balderas.

The foods were ranked by “Grittiness” and tastiness, in which each was assigned a number of “yums” and Grittys. Mac Mart’s Gritty mac and cheese, which features Cheetos and buffalo sauce, was the winner with both four yums and four Grittys.

Some stay true to the great goliath, whereas others fall flat. But the one thing all the foods have in common?

There’s a lot of orange.

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